About Us

We are D3 Gunner

We are a locally owned and operated gun store in Fairless Hills, PA. We started this venture to bring a friendly, non-judgmental attitude to our customers. We’re here to help you start or continue your journey with firearms. Our staff is composed of professionals who were tired of the “gun counter” attitude. Our mission is to help our customers and provide a knowledge base where they can feel comfortable asking questions.

Firearm, Accessory and Ammunition Sales

Our core business is selling firearms, accessories and ammunition.

Custom AR15 Builds

There are many great rifle companies out there. Many of of their off-the-shelf rifles are good to go, but we have always ended up changing out those parts for those we prefer. We can upgrade, replace and troubleshoot your AR15 whether it came from a factory or you built it at home. We can also spec a complete build for you. We will select parts from manufacturers we carry in high regard.


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